Your Auto Updating Visiting Card!

digital visiting card app

Imagine this, you have got 1000 visiting cards distributed amongst your business and personal contacts. Now, within 3 months due to unavoidable circumstances you had to change your contact details. So now how would you go back to those 1000 people to update your contact information?


Does it not sound to be gruelling and scary task? Indeed it is and many of you will agree with me. RContacts has the solution to this problem. RContacts Auto Syncs with your phone book and does not create any mess in your phone memory. As RContacts leverages a cloud server to store phone book data. Besides this it occupies the least space in the smartphones. Which grants users a secured and accountable app that makes contact management easier! Not just the phone book, the Contacts and Call logs are also Auto Synced the same way. It displays phonebook contacts in a multi-purpose home screen. And each contacts have their own profile.


Your profile is your own Digital Identity. Once you update your details in your profile or your contacts update theirs information in their profile, your details with them and vice versa update automatically. Like wise you can create your digital visiting card and share with your contacts. You don’t have to notify every individual separately.


This feature solves a lot of our challenges. For example, Imagine life of a central government employee or a military personnel, who are posted to different states every few years. It becomes very difficult for their family and friends to keep tab of their current whereabouts and contact info. RContacts plays a very important role here. The user need not to update every individual. Instead he/she can update their profile and share it with their entire contact list. They can update and share their latest address and contact details automatically through RContacts.


Now ease your burden of doing this tedious work. All you have to do is change your number and install RContacts for Android and iOS immediately!

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