Web Version of RContacts

Web Version of RContacts

Here is to say that RContacts is not limited to mobile application, as you get access to a lot MORE on the Web Version of RContacts!

The Web version not only lets you view your interesting Timeline, but also your Call Logs and of course the original treasure of your contacts.

  • RContacts Web will give you an acknowledgement of the devices you are using to operate the application and you can be sure of your absolute single reach.
  • The most amazing feature is you can see the complete history of the number of views of your profile also enlightening you with who viewed it.
  • The Web Application also grants you the credibility of verifying multiple emails to associate them directly to your profile.
  • When it comes to History, this Web Application beats all! Not just call logs or timeline updates but EVERY SINGLE CHANGE THAT OCCURRED in your profile is accessible to you.

A record of every single step you took on the web application is maintained and is all

yours to view! Changes in your RATING, Updates in your NOTIFICATIONS, Modifications

in your PROFILE, Addition or Deletion of CONTACTS.. All is visible to you!

Hence, if you ever feel that some information is missing with your contacts or call logs; No need to hammer your brain about it! Just go to history and every single action that was made with your profile will be visible to you!

Whether its adding or deleting Contacts, Managing Call Logs, Awarding and Receiving  

Rating, Comments on Timeline etc. IT IS ALL HERE!


Go on.. Leverage the heaven out of RContacts. Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD the Mobile Application of Android and iOS Versions of RContacts!  

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