10 Ultimate Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

most important characteristics of an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is neither a job nor an entitlement. You must have ultimate characteristics of successful Entrepreneurs to be a good leader and not just a manager. It is a journey which an individual decides to take to fulfill their dreams regardless of the financial situation, social profile, age, etc. Many people have this delusion that money is the only requirement to become an Entrepreneur. But the fact is, success as an entrepreneur is directly proportional with one’s passion and attitude.

Listed below are 10 essential personality traits for entrepreneur success:
  1. Passionate

You need to be compelled by a clear sense of resolution and desire. Normally, that desire comes from one of two causes: the topic of the business, or building the business itself.

  1. Resilient

If you are building a start-up, you’ll need essence of resolve coupled with a high pain acceptance. Also, you’ll need to be willing and be able to learn from your mistakes.

  1. Self-Possessed

You must have a strong sense of self awareness. That is, you can’t be threatened by being engulfed by talented and driven people. To succeed, you’ll need the self-confidence to surround yourself with people “who don’t look like you”… that is, people with skills, background and domain knowledge that complement your own.

  1. Decisive

You’ll need to create a comfort-zone with ambiguity. Entrepreneurs gather as much information as they can in a short period of time and move on. The attitude is that it’s not going to be perfect. We don’t have enough information, so let’s continue to study.

  1. Fearless

Entrepreneurs tend to be risk seeking than risk averse. Clever entrepreneurs develop an instinctive ability to sniff out and lessen startup business risk. But you know you’re going to fall down 0nce in a while, and feel comfortable with the fact and that you’re going to learn from your fiascos and fine-tune as you go.

  1. Financially Prepared

You’ll require the right financial profile to make the jump. This doesn’t mean that only the financially affluent can be entrepreneurs. But one must have enough to take care of contingencies and over heads.

  1. Flexible

Entrepreneurs have to be flexible and open to change their plans and thought process as they go along developing the business.

  1. Vision

Vision is being able to develop a clear path forward in the quest to achieve goals and ambitions. It’s with the vision that we’re encouraged to push through our own anxieties, and fears, to ultimately to succeed.

  1. Able to Sell

Whether you’re a born extrovert or introvert, as an entrepreneur, you’ll find yourself always selling. Like, You’ll be selling your vision to prospective partners and funding sources. Also you’ll be selling prospective recruits on why they should quit their day jobs and join this startup they’ve never heard of. And you’ll be selling your products and services.

  1. Balanced

You may not start out with a fool-proof plan, but to survive as an entrepreneur, you’ll need that strong sense of perspective. Not everyone in your startup will be as entrepreneurial as you, this may be a very cool job for your core team, but it’s still a job. So, you’ll have to create this work balance between your professional and personal life.

A person may not be very patient, neither is he required to be. But one needs to have these entrepreneurial skills and qualities in moderation. There are stages in the business cycle where such traits are to be practiced. There are mainly 5 stages in a business cycle,

  1. Seed and Development
  2. Startup
  3. Growth and Establishment
  4. Expansion
  5. Maturity and Possible Exit

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