Web Version of RContacts

Web Version of RContacts

Here is to say that RContacts is not limited to mobile application, as you get access to a lot MORE on the Web Version of RContacts! The Web version not only lets you view your interesting Timeline, but also your Call Logs and of course the original treasure of your contacts. RContacts Web will give you an acknowledgement of the devices you are using to operate the application and you can be

Social Media Contacts in RContacts Profile

RContacts nourishes your SOCIAL MEDIA

Just got Graduated? Shout out to the World! On a World Tour?  Now you want your friends to envy! Is it Your Birthday today? The Wishes are knocking! You got Promoted? Show Off your celebrations! Movie Time? Don’t forget to check-in!   Yes it is amazing how you, in no time can share all the good times.. It feels awesome when your mates join in your celebrations.. The feeling is even overwhelming

RContacts: Auto Updating Phone book App and Contacts manager

RContacts BLASTS – OFF!

The completion of manufacturing the FIRST MVP of RConatcts finally happens! A well thought Application that can be beneficial for every mobile-phone user on this planet is now available in your fist.. How You Ask? Well, RContacts has blasted off to rescue the contacts of earth! You see, the driving force of the usage of a mobile phone is CONTACTS. Try to imagine your cell phones without any contacts stored in it. How would it be? Like keeping a gadget in