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RContacts Celebrates Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, affably and respectfully called as Mahatma Gandhi, Bapu or Gandhiji. Was conferred with the title Father of the Nation for his relentless fight for freedom of India. To honor him India celebrates 2nd October as Ganghi Jayanti. It is a public holiday.   Though Gandhiji fought for freedom against the British rule, he did it in a non-violent way. He had huge mass appeal. Millions of Indians connected with his during the protests and

RContacts International Day of the Elderly

International Day Of The Elderly

Many of us highly underestimate the importance of elderly members of our society. Well, they are highly mistaken and under twisted concoction. The Older people are the very pillars our societies stand on today. They are the keepers of our values and social fabric. They ensure the transition of values from one generation to another.   They are the ones because of whom we are what we are today. They’ve played very important roles in our lives. Our

RContacts resemblance as Ozone to save from spammers

Let RContacts be the Ozone for Spammers!

16th September is designated by the United Nations as the World Ozone Day. It was named on December 19, 1994, in commemoration of the date. Ozone layer is a layer of gasses in the atmosphere which protects Earth from harmful UV rays from the sun. These rays not only cause dangerous health problems like cancer but also increase the temperature globally causing severe damage to the planet. In 1984, many countries of the world signed an accord to cut down on the green

most important characteristics of an entrepreneur

10 Ultimate Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is neither a job nor an entitlement. You must have ultimate characteristics of successful Entrepreneurs to be a good leader and not just a manager. It is a journey which an individual decides to take to fulfill their dreams regardless of the financial situation, social profile, age, etc. Many people have this delusion that money is the only requirement to become an Entrepreneur. But the fact is, success as an entrepreneur is directly proportional with one’s passion and attitude. Listed below

International Day Of Peace with RContacts

The International Day of Peace

Try spending a couple of hours watching current news and you will realize that the world is in chaos. Currently, there are at least 15 wars going on around the world with catastrophic effects on human lives. Somali Civil War in Africa Kashmir unrest, India / Pakistan Syrian Civil War Civil war in Myanmar, Asia Conflict in Donbass, Ukraine South Sudan Civil War, Africa Conflict in Peru, South America Instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa The North Caucasus insurgency in Russia West Papua Civil war in Asia The Cabinda