Shubh Hindi Divas!!!

Hindi Day with RContacts

Hindi Divas is an Annual Day celebrated on 14 September in India. Mostly this celebration is a government sponsored event in Central government of India offices, firms, schools and other institutions. It serves to promote and propagate the Hindi language. Its importance is demonstrated by feasts, events, competitions and other services held on this day.

India is gaining prominence on the global landscape and so is Hindi. World realises India’s potential to generate business and everyone wants a piece of this cake. They have no choice but to learn the language of the land. Not just learn, if they have to auger to Indian Consumers they’ll need to have their products converse to an average Indian user in his or her native language, Hindi.

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Apple etc have all their products in multiple languages including Hindi. On this occasion, let me introduce you to an indigenously developed Mobile application, RContacts. To celebrate and honor our native language, RContacts also has Hindi as a language option along with English and Gujarati. RContacts is an Auto Updating Contacts Manager App. It creates a Two Color Auto Sync with your Phonebook. Since it leverages cloud server, it does not mess with your phone memory while also generating a backup of your phonebook contacts.

So go ahead and check out the app. You can DOWNLOAD it from Play Store & App Store NOW. Jai Hind!


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