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Sales Professional using RContacts

Revenue drives the industry, Sales drives the Revenue and it is the Salesmen who drive Sales. Hence, it will not be wrong to say that the architect of any successful business is its Sales team. Just like any craftsman needs his tool to create something, A Salesman needs a few things at his disposal as well in order to successfully achieve the targets.

Let us talk about two most important tools which are keys to success in sales. One is getting right contacts and the second is always being available to the clientele and prospects. With the help of Contacts Manager App, these tasks have been made significantly stress free. Let us take a look at how to be a good salesman with one such App, which hugely contributes to making life easier for Sales Professionals.

RContacts is an Auto Updating Phone Book that creates a Two Color Auto Sync that shows, Phone book data saved by you for your contacts in BLACK color and the data saved in your Contacts by themselves in Pine Green color neatly in ONE SINGLE PROFILE. This helps in maintaining accurate contact details. The changes made by you will be visible to all your contacts who have the App and vice versa. That way you are always reachable to your clientele and prospects! and they are to you.

You can Sync your Address with Google Maps so that your Contacts can reach your location with easy navigation. Similarly, you can reach your Contacts’ Work Address by just visiting their RContacts Profile! It will also show you the navigation route on Google Maps! No need to disturb your clients at all.

The best part is the Privacy Filters like ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’ and ‘Only Me’ that you can set on almost every fields of your data individually. And guess what you can even Rate Your contact’s profile, not just for fun, it also builds up individuals credibility among his/her mates and peers.

All the android users Download the RContacts App for Android and iOS NOW! Happy Selling!

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  • Nice blog. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog on revenue generating app & sharing your service in this field. This blog was helpful & informative for me.

    Nishant Rao 07.10.2017

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