RContacts nourishes your SOCIAL MEDIA

Social Media Contacts in RContacts Profile

Just got Graduated? Shout out to the World!

On a World Tour?  Now you want your friends to envy!

Is it Your Birthday today? The Wishes are knocking!

You got Promoted? Show Off your celebrations!

Movie Time? Don’t forget to check-in!


Yes it is amazing how you, in no time can share all the good times..

It feels awesome when your mates join in your celebrations..

The feeling is even overwhelming when your birthday wishes just don’t stop!


But then, when you pick up your phone, the social media platforms are over the top too..   

WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and on and on and on…

Swiping through screens, decide which to open first and you wish why can’t these icons be at one place! Well, RContacts heard you! Once, signed up with RContacts, all your profile info including your social profile icons will be placed at one place. So? Doesn’t matter if you want to share or view any of your updates anywhere… Just click on your beloved ‘EARTH’ of RContacts and tadaaaa…

All your social icons at one place! Click any icon you want and you will be directed to your social profiles automatically. Any of your Contacts who visits your RContacts Profile will be able to visit all your Social Media profiles as well right from RContacts!



And by the way, there is another cool feature of RATING!

Not just social updates, get updated on your Reputation Capital as well…

Don’t you like it when a soldier earns stars on his shoulder? You love it.. Don’t you?

Guess what! You have a chance to earn stars here as well…

Oh Yes, you have enjoyed rating Movies.. Hotels.. Food.. Online Services… and what not?

IT’S SHOWTIME for you now! Your folks are gonna rate your profile and the world will know your authenticity. So go on.. Make yourself KNOWN in the world of contacts with RContacts!

And hey, of course it is the other way round too. You get to rate your friends as well.

Rate Honestly and Earn your Stars Proudly!


DOWNLOAD RContacts for Android and iOS and bless your Social Media pages with a single home to stay in together. 

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