Let RContacts be the Ozone for Spammers!

RContacts resemblance as Ozone to save from spammers

16th September is designated by the United Nations as the World Ozone Day. It was named on December 19, 1994, in commemoration of the date. Ozone layer is a layer of gasses in the atmosphere which protects Earth from harmful UV rays from the sun.

These rays not only cause dangerous health problems like cancer but also increase the temperature globally causing severe damage to the planet. In 1984, many countries of the world signed an accord to cut down on the green gas emissions which is depleting the ozone layer.

Ozone displays a central role of protectionist, saving earth and its inhabitants from external harmful dangers. Taking a cue from this, RContacts, strives to save its users from spammers and data sharks. RContacts is an Auto updating Phonebook. It leverages a cloud server to sore your Phonebook contacts.

When you receive a call a window pops up where you can see if others have marked this call as spam. Or you can mark this scam call as spam. Allowing you to choose if you want to answer this call or not. If it is an unknown caller to you, RContacts will run a search through its global directory to locate this number and give you the true information of the caller.

Not only this, the servers on which RContacts stores the data are highly secured in state of the art facility and using all the security measures. Is monitored round the clock and has the paradigm to withstand any external threats, making your data more secured than it is with you. In case, you lose your phone contacts for any reason, it can be retrieved from RContacts. All you have to do is sign in the App or Web Version from another device using the same log in credentials.

RContacts is doing its bit to save its users from disturbing rays of Spammers and identify spam callers. So be a good Samaritan and plant a tree today or contribute in anyway which help save our Planet. Happy World Ozone Day!!!

DOWNLOAD RContacts from Play Store or App Store, NOW to have your Phonebook filled with the contacts that you care about along with their genuine information.


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