Rating is The New Currency [Story Video]

Can you imagine, Rating is the new currency nowadays!! A profile rating can build a great social reputation of an individual!

You actually won’t believe!

Let’s show you an example of a guy who got a job after completing his graduation through this profile rating app!

There was a guy named as Sahil. He had just finished his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics. Ha had passed out with distinction. Entire family had joined him for the celebration. And why not? After 4 gruelling years of tireless hard work he had achieved what he set out to.

His Father gifted him a trip to Western Europe. After taking 3 month long holiday and backpacking through Western Europe Sahil returned home fully rejuvenated and relaxed. Now was the time for another innings to begin!!

It was time to find a job!!

Amid all the festivities and happiness, the downturn in the economy played terrible dampener. All of a sudden interview calls dried up. Very few opportunities which were still available required experienced candidates and not freshers.

Sahil was getting anxious and depressed now. Then one day, he received a call from the job consultant. The consultant informed him that a position has opened up in a television manufacturing company for a fresher electronics engineer.

Now, the day started!!

On the interview day, Sahil got up early. Performed his morning prayer, did yoga, had break fast and relaxed. It was very easy for him to become nervous in this situation. He then left for the interview. He reached the interview venue an hour earlier. There were already around 200 people waiting there.

The interviews started as scheduled. The interviewee’s started going in one after the other but none came back with a sure affirmation of the job. The tension was building up.After a wait of One and a half hour came Sahil’s turn.

Beyond the routine vocational questions the interviewer asked Sahil why should the company hire him. Until this point Sahil had exhibited great confidence and calmness. However, he got a bit nervous now. He didn’t want to give a textbook answer. He wanted to be different from the crowd and yet genuine.

He composed himself and answered the question. He said he is a very reputed person in the society and has very high credibility amongst his peers and mates. The interviewer asked, how will he prove such tall claims. Sahil immediately, took out his smartphone and opened the mobile app RContacts.

RContacts is the new age digital ID of an individual. It allows your friends, mates, peers, family and acquaintances to rate you as an individual and in different capacities thereby increasing your social credibility capital.

The interviewer liked what he was seeing. RContacts did not just add value to Sahils resume but also brought the ‘X Factor’. As a result, Sahil was the only candidate to get a spot job offer out of a few hundred candidates.

It was Sahil’s great experience with RContacts. Have you experienced RContacts Yet!!

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