Privacy Filters in RContacts

Privacy Filters in RContacts

Privacy is to information what Clothes are to Us. Can you imagine Batman or Spider Man without their masks? They just wouldn’t be the same. In this day and age people live a virtual life. It is online. Posting personal pictures, sharing our personal details for online banking and shopping, everything leaves a digital footprint. These are online assets and its important to safeguard them.

Privacy by definition means the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively. Much of our personal and business information is broadcasted on social media platforms these days. Like our personal contact details, addresses, age, details of our friends, etc. This makes us vulnerable to pesky marketers, data pirates and stalkers.

RContacts understands the user-requirements for PRIVACY and has therefore kept Privacy settings completely under user’s control. Mainly, RContacts allows you to share with the world only what you want to share. The profile owner can set the privacy filters to ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’ or ‘Only Me’ for Fields like Address, Social Accounts, Events and even your Additional Phone Numbers and Emails. Thereby allowing you to control the audience for each field!

All you have to do is Tap at the Right-Most Icon beside the Respective Fields and Select your Preferred Privacy Setting. Now, only the contacts preferred by you will be able to view your information. If any other registered RContacts user needs any secured information, they can send you a request to share that information with them. Their request will appear in your Notifications Section. You can choose to Accept or Reject. Exchanges of such requests and subsequent approvals or denials are visible on the user’s notifications.

Be ahead of those data thieves, safe guard your contact details and download the App at the earliest. Enjoy peace of mind while we work towards securing you online!

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