Global Search in RContacts

Global Search in RContacts

Imagine you are sitting on the peak of a hill at night, gazing at the stars. And then you wonder…

Where do these stars come from?

What is the name of each one of it?

Where exactly is it located in the sky?  

How long has it been here?


Now, what if all your answers are right in front of you! All you have to do is point at the star and it will flip and show all that you are looking for! Amazing, isn’t it? The whole wide world of the sky, filled with infinite stars that are ready to share their secrets with you! You will love it.. Won’t you?


Agree to that and know that RContacts is gonna make you feel nothing different than this.

Any unknown number poking your call logs?

Any contact you want to reach badly?

Want to know who the number belongs to?

No need to tell you what to do right now..RContacts provides you with the ultimate reach to endless numbers and their public information. Just enter the number or name in the ‘Global Search’ bar of the App and get feed of the authenticated info related to it. Find your lost friends or colleagues contact info and connect with them through the Global Search in RContacts.


It is an undeniable fact that in today’s world, a number search can take you places and can save you from menaces! RContacts is designed and developed to cater every millennial of the century not blanking out any individual who owns a smartphone. Allowing you to have Global Reach to numbers is just one of the badge that RContacts beholds…Look out for more RContacts Features! Download RContacts for Android and iOS to experience the immense search of verified users with authenticated public info of theirs!

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