Gandhi Jayanti

RContacts Celebrates Gandhi Jayanti

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, affably and respectfully called as Mahatma Gandhi, Bapu or Gandhiji. Was conferred with the title Father of the Nation for his relentless fight for freedom of India. To honor him India celebrates 2nd October as Ganghi Jayanti. It is a public holiday.


Though Gandhiji fought for freedom against the British rule, he did it in a non-violent way. He had huge mass appeal. Millions of Indians connected with his during the protests and took part in his peaceful agitations.


There were some who didn’t believe in his ways. Especially some right wing fringe organisations. They wanted the way of violence and show of strength to get freedom. One Day, Nathuram Godse, a member of one such right wing organisation shot dead Mahatma Gandhi.


However, we still celebrate, Gandhiji’s life and his teachings of peace. We @RContacts would like to spread the message of love and peace in today’s society.  We need people like Gandhiji today, more than ever. The world has become a very fractured place. The society is fragmented into too many sects. No matter, how broad minded people become of the upper sect of the country, the core fear of the societal norms still reside in the hearts of people. 


The intolerance level is at its maximum, there is hardly any respect, love or mutual understanding among people with different religions, races, countries, etc. People look at excuses to get back at each other. There are so many wars going on around the world. And so many more war like situations existing. Which easily turn into a full blown nuclear war.


The extremists and supremacists are reigning all around. People with liberal and democratic mindset are becoming less in number. Or are being suppressed. Let this Gandhi Jayanti be a reminder to all of us that eventually the good and the righteous will prevail. We have to be patient, persistent and perseverant in our ways and the teachings of the Mahatma.

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