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Your Auto Updating Visiting Card!

Imagine this, you have got 1000 visiting cards distributed amongst your business and personal contacts. Now, within 3 months due to unavoidable circumstances you had to change your contact details. So now how would you go back to those 1000 people to update your contact information?   Does it not sound to be gruelling and scary task? Indeed it is and many of you will agree with me. RContacts has the solution to

most important characteristics of an entrepreneur

10 Ultimate Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is neither a job nor an entitlement. You must have ultimate characteristics of successful Entrepreneurs to be a good leader and not just a manager. It is a journey which an individual decides to take to fulfill their dreams regardless of the financial situation, social profile, age, etc. Many people have this delusion that money is the only requirement to become an Entrepreneur. But the fact is, success as an entrepreneur is directly proportional with one’s passion and attitude. Listed below

Use RContacts on Vacation

Protect Your Phonebook while on Vacation!

Who doesn’t want to go on a holiday? Holidays are meant for rejuvenation. They are meant to break the monotony of daily life. Some of us like staycation while many travel to new and unknown places. Never mind if you choose to stay home or go travelling, few common things every vacationer looks for peace of mind, relaxation, fun and tranquillity. Incase you are planning a vacation, let me list down 5 best places to soothe the

Sales Professional using RContacts

The Secret of Successful Sales Professional!!!

Revenue drives the industry, Sales drives the Revenue and it is the Salesmen who drive Sales. Hence, it will not be wrong to say that the architect of any successful business is its Sales team. Just like any craftsman needs his tool to create something, A Salesman needs a few things at his disposal as well in order to successfully achieve the targets. Let us talk about two most important tools which are keys to success in sales. One is getting