Bi-Color Auto Sync

Bi Color Auto Sync in RContacts

Colors control our moods and feelings. Business owners around the globe realize this. And the impact it creates in users experience. Working on this fundamental, all the businesses around the globe put a lot of focus on the design, texture and colors of their products.

Some industries heavily rely on their products color and design because their products are intangible. For instance the mobile app developers. RContacts is one of the best contact manager apps available today. Not only for its features but also for its touch and feel.

It works with mainly two colors, Black and Pine Green. Creating a soothing and elegant experience. It auto syncs your phonebook on a secured server. Because it leverages a cloud server it does not take up memory in your phones and your phonebook data is auto backed up. The Two Color Auto Sync that shows Phone book data saved by you for your contacts in BLACK color and the data saved by your Contacts themselves in Pine Green color, horizontally adjacent on ‘My Contacts’ page. This simply means that your default phone book data will be showed in BLACK color and RContacts data feed in by your Contacts themselves will be showed in PINE GREEN color neatly.

The Pine Green data takes you to your contact’s profile page. All the details provided by your contact are available here. There are two primary benefits of this color coding. Firstly, it helps you to keep your phone book accurate. Secondly, you can get to know more about your contacts than just their mobile numbers. Along with the profile picture of your contact, you can also see their email addresses, multiple phone numbers, organizational info with designation, their address synced on Google Maps as well as their Social Media Contacts!

Now, you can always stay updated contacts and never worry about getting out of touch with them!

DOWNLOAD RContacts for Android and iOS versions and make your Phone book drink the techy potion to make them wiser!





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