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International Day Of Peace with RContacts

The International Day of Peace

Try spending a couple of hours watching current news and you will realize that the world is in chaos. Currently, there are at least 15 wars going on around the world with catastrophic effects on human lives. Somali Civil War in Africa Kashmir unrest, India / Pakistan Syrian Civil War Civil war in Myanmar, Asia Conflict in Donbass, Ukraine South Sudan Civil War, Africa Conflict in Peru, South America Instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa The North Caucasus insurgency in Russia West Papua Civil war in Asia The Cabinda

Use RContacts on Vacation

Protect Your Phonebook while on Vacation!

Who doesn’t want to go on a holiday? Holidays are meant for rejuvenation. They are meant to break the monotony of daily life. Some of us like staycation while many travel to new and unknown places. Never mind if you choose to stay home or go travelling, few common things every vacationer looks for peace of mind, relaxation, fun and tranquillity. Incase you are planning a vacation, let me list down 5 best places to soothe the

ENGINEER’S DAY from RContacts

Celebrating Engineers Day the Indian Way!

15th September is rejoiced every year in India as Engineer’s Day to honor the birthday of the renowned engineer Sir M. Visvesvaraya (1861-1962). Globally recognised for his brilliance in harnessing water resources, he was accountable for fruitful design and construction of numerous river dams, bridges and applying irrigation and drinking water systems all over India. India is the foremost exporter of engineers across the world. The first ever global report published by the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has revealed that while

Hindi Day with RContacts

Shubh Hindi Divas!!!

Hindi Divas is an Annual Day celebrated on 14 September in India. Mostly this celebration is a government sponsored event in Central government of India offices, firms, schools and other institutions. It serves to promote and propagate the Hindi language. Its importance is demonstrated by feasts, events, competitions and other services held on this day. India is gaining prominence on the global landscape and so is Hindi. World realises India’s potential to generate business and everyone wants a piece

Sales Professional using RContacts

The Secret of Successful Sales Professional!!!

Revenue drives the industry, Sales drives the Revenue and it is the Salesmen who drive Sales. Hence, it will not be wrong to say that the architect of any successful business is its Sales team. Just like any craftsman needs his tool to create something, A Salesman needs a few things at his disposal as well in order to successfully achieve the targets. Let us talk about two most important tools which are keys to success in sales. One is getting