Address Sharing through RContacts

Sync Address with Google Maps

Locating an address can be difficult and so can explaining it to someone who is visiting you for the first time. Especially in a geography like ours where there are lanes and bylanes, shanties and slums. There are corridors in between the shanties and these corridors are recognized by numbers.

RContacts provides a solution to this problem. It allows users to store multiple addresses in their profile. Not just that, users can then sync their Home or Work Address with Google Maps by dragging and dropping the pointer at the most accurate mark that depicts the location. All one has to do is click on the Sync Icon available to the right of the Address Field in the RContacts profile and that will redirect the user to Google Maps.

The User can then long press on the pointer and move it to the precise location of his address and leave it there. Next time when anyone wants to see your address, the maps will show him the location set by you.

The profile owner can even set privacy settings for each address provided him/her in RContacts.  The options provided for Privacy Settings are ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’ and ‘Only Me’.

Clearly, as the names of the options suggest, the user decides if his/her Addresses can be viewed by Everyone registered with RContacts or Just to his/her contacts or Only him/her.

This makes sure that the Address Sync provided to user makes life easier and not messier!

This is how simple the address search has become. Thanks to RContacts!

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